Nature inspires purity, Let’s keep nature pure and pollution-free.

GPCB Charter for Good GovernanceGPCB Charter for Good Governance
  • Mission Statement

Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) aims at developing all round capabilities to protect the environment by preventing and controlling pollution by effective law enforcement and by adopting best environmental management practices to keep the State on course of sustainable development.

  • Accomplishing the Objective
 In order to accomplish the objective set forth in the Mission Statement, the organization, as a whole needs to adopt certain core values based on ethics, hard work, loyalty and best service to the stakeholders. The new approach may be based on, among other things, flattening of hierarchy, use of teams to manage, benchmarking for batter performance appraisal and informing and training all employees. From the present vertical set up, there is need to move towards a horizontal set up. The following paras are an attempt to describe the relevant issues in this regard and fix action points.
  • Planned Change:

GPCB is a statutory board set up under the Water Act, with clearly defined functions and role. Over the years its mandate has grown several folds, necessitating ever increasing demand for skill to handle complex laws and to cope with the challenging tasks of stringent standards of performance expected of it. The conventional approach, therefore, needs to give way to planned change. Some old methods need to be discarded and more vibrant and dynamic approaches adopted: In short a ‘paradigm change’. Planned change is to be distinguished from re-active change, which the Board has been often making to cope with emerging situations. The set up of GPCB should be prepared to adopt significant changes in its goals, direction and working. This charter, therefore, aims at bringing about critical changes of a long-term nature. Taken holistically the changes address the working of GPCB, as also better delivery of service to the stakeholders. For this GPCB needs to start with staff whom today seem somewhat uninspired. There is lack of enthusiasm and commitment except in a few. A paradigm change would be possible only through all round attitudinal change of the people who work the system.

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