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GPCB Charter for Good GovernanceGPCB Charter for Good Governance
  • Credibility and Effectiveness of GPCB

Quite often initiatives with best of intentions fail to deliver the desired benefits. Skills and competencies of staff, processes and systems, attitude of officers, relationships and leadership and vision are some of the assets of an organization that influence the outcome. For an organization like GPCB, perhaps the most important asset is its credibility – its reputation. That it is just and fair, that it doesn’t act arbitrarily and whimsically, that there is no hanky panky about it, that it is not venal, that its working is transparent, that it is accessible and where help is justified, it will be rendered and it will not indulge in discriminatory treatment and that equals will be treated equally and not otherwise! This asset of credibility is the sum total of the credibility of each person in the organization. It is the perseverance with goals and steadfastness to ethics that build credibility and it is an all too slow process. Besides, effectiveness of the organization itself lends credibility.

  • Action Points:
  • Delay should be avoided at all levels. Time limits to be prescribed for all activities.
  • Uniformity of procedure as per law to be adopted.
  • There should be effective delegation of powers.
  • Senior officers should visit Regional Offices at regular intervals to interact with stakeholders and solve problems on the spot.
  • More user friendly, streamlined procedures to be introduced.
  • GPCB should publish its policies and programmers for the knowledge of the stakeholders from time to time.
  • Information about the status of pending cases should be provided.
  • There should be frequent inter-action among officers and staff members to keep all informed of the approach on important issues.
  • GPCB staff/officers should desist from indulging in loose talk damaging the credibility of the organization.
  • Pulling it Together - Importance of Team Work

GPCB is constantly in the process of changing priorities, immediate things come up, and urgent things are thrust upon. There are targets to achieve. New rules/guidelines to absorb, and action plans to implement and new challenges to cope with. It is the team spirit that will pull the set up through thick and thin. Individuals however talented they are, can best contribute to the performance of organization when working as part of a team. Petty ego clashes have no place in the teamwork. When team spirit goes down, office politics and groupism go up. With such dissention, the organizations ability to cope with situations drastically goes down and then it is a journey down hill. Let no person try for individual glory at the cost of the organization. Let all credit go to the team – “team GPCB”. Through teams, optimum utilization of the collective experience and knowledge of GPCB becomes feasible. Teams also will ensure that left hand not only knows what right hand is doing, but that both hands and all other limbs work in the same direction.

  • Action Points:
  • All should work with a sense of fraternity.
  • All should provide a helping hand in hours of need without too much bothering whether it is his unit’s work or that unit’s work.
  • All should adopt a positive attitude.
  • Teamwork should be based on inclusivity and not exclusivity.
  • Innovative ideas should be encouraged.
  • Due weight age should be given to the contribution of lower staff.
  • The tendency to shirk should be avoided. Work is a challenge and opportunity.
  • When problems of complex nature arise, those who have experience/ special knowledge of the problem will be pooled together to solve them.
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