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GPCB Charter for Good GovernanceGPCB Charter for Good Governance
  • Effective Communication

GPCB interacts with a large number of stakeholders. As a regulator it implements a complex set of rules and regulations. Though ignorance of law is not an excuse, the myriad nature of laws and the arrival of new ones at regular intervals render it difficult for every client to be up to date with the latest position. It is the duty of GPCB to convey correct information to every one. Communication is not a one-way process. Precise communication is necessary for accurate understanding. Officers should demonstrate the ability to receive feedback patiently and with empathy and act on such feedback. Reluctance to effectively communicate will give scope to the entry of middlemen who promise the clients to ‘fix’ things on their behalf. Effective communication is a matter of knowledge of the issue, language skill, patience and understanding. Every time one communicates with a stakeholder he is ‘marketing’ the image of GPCB. Also remember that Officers are public servants and not masters and that they must always act with humility while, of course, being firm on the regulatory role.

  • Action Points:
  • Seminars/workshop, training of staff should be organized internally or by experts or by reputed management institute to address different aspects of working.
  • All decisions of the board may be put on the notice board.
  • Develop and publish guidelines on every aspect of GPCB’s functioning.
  • Web site should be updated from time to time.
  • Change in attitude, particularly towards stakeholders is necessary to give correct information.
  • Communication skill improvement programmes to be conducted.
  • All should communicate in clear and simple language.
  • Alternate arrangements should be made to give correct information in the absence of the senior officers.
  • Participation of All

GPCB today is organized on bureaucratic lines. Units, branches, hierarchies, centralization and chain of command characterize the organization. There are many levels between the highest level and the lowest level. Even officers of the same level have different levels of authority and responsibility. Due to this many feel left out from the reckoning, though they contribute significantly or are capable of contributing. Division of labor and putting specific people for performance of specific function are essential for effective functioning. GPCB needs to become less bureaucratic, accept every one’s personal sense of worth and importance and permit lower levels greater participation in decision making. It is also necessary to recognize the contribution of officers who may not be performing executive functions; yet are part of the backbone of the organization. What is needed is a family like feeling. GPCB should initiate measures for competence building, fostering commitment, cultivate trust and common purpose between the higher levels and lower level and enhance motivation and employee growth.

  • Action Points:
  • Skill/language/knowledge up gradation should be institutionalized.
  • Rotation of work is a must to provide exposure to all employees.
  • Informal interaction at all levels and cutting across levels will go a long way in confidence building.
  • It should be clear to all that the responsibility for decisions making is on all those who process the matter and the accountability thereof will be accordingly fixed.
  • While preparing the case for decision-making, all policy documents, govt. decisions, precedents, orders, laws/rules etc. must be brought on the file so that decisions are based on correct information.
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