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GPCB Charter for Good GovernanceGPCB Charter for Good Governance
  • Bench Marking and Making GPCB a ‘Learning Organization’:

Bench marking helps organizations learn from each other and introduce good practices. Bench marking is particularly effective in helping to create a “knowledge friendly culture”. Since environment is a fast growing science and GPCB is called upon to deal with ever-growing number of statutes and rules, it needs to develop a “knowledge friendly” culture and be a “learning organization”. GPCB should adopt the good practices and lessons from other SPCBs, CPCBs and other organizations. Internally it should apply benchmarking to improve the performance of key parameters. Performance measures should be developed to compare internally and externally. Learning from the best should be the goal. We should develop effective performance measures and targets wherever possible for improving results. A benchmarking committee will take up the following functions:

  • Method of benchmarking.
  • Target & monitoring.
  • Will study annual report of CPCB and other PCBs and make a report on best practices.
  • Seminars on best practices will be organized.
  • Journal Club to be set up.
  • Code of Conduct for Better Service:

One of the chief tests of an organization is the quality and promptness with which the service is delivered to the clients. Citizens charter aims at empowering the citizens by mandating the organization to specific steps in delivery of service. For this, the starting point should be the commitment of those who are responsible for delivery. While administrative controls are necessary to ensure this, a voluntary code of conduct will go a long way to secure the required commitment.

  • Action Points:
  • All visitors will be treated with courtesy and promptness.
  • Their issues will be given priority and written replies will be sent promptly.
  • Telephones will be lifted in 4 rings.
  • All will make their best efforts in making the organization successful.
  • Criticism, if any, of any aspect of the GPCB will be done internally and will be done in a constructive way.
  • All will talk about GPCB to others as a great organization to work for.
  • The organizational image is very important and if any employee notices anything happening inside or outside adverse to that image, he or she shall bring it to the notice of the authorities for corrective action.
  • Every employee shall give a helping hand to his colleague who is in need of help.
  • All employees will hold themselves responsible for results and will work towards agreed upon goals.
  • All employees will think in terms of how to do it, rather than why it cannot be done.
  • All will try to find solutions for problems, not look for problems in a solution.
  • If any employee feels that the current practices are not practical or proper, suggestions will be made to amend them.
  • All will try to correct mistakes immediately and learn by mistakes.
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