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GPCB Charter for Good GovernanceGPCB Charter for Good Governance
  • Leadership Role in Transformation for Good Governance:
The transformation for good governance attempted in this Charter calls for change of leadership role aimed at involving and empowering all those who are working in GPCB. GPCB leadership will, therefore, have a new approach based on the following touchstones:
  • Action Points:
  • Every employee is capable of giving useful ideas
  • People closest to the problem may have the best idea regarding how to solve it
  • Learning flows up and down the hierarchy and so it can benefit at all levels.
  • New ideas should be encouraged and bonafide mistakes should be viewed as a learning experience.
  • Leadership will provide more opportunities for free, constructive and informal discussions with agenda or without agenda.
  • Leadership will also review the charter periodically, assess the achievement and re-prioritize.
  • Leadership will not hog credit for itself for success, but will pass it on to the team.
  • Leadership will not hesitate to decentralize more and more managerial functions to the groups.
  • Leadership will be accessible to every employee for redressed of grievance.
  • Good work done by employees must be appreciated and should be taken in to consideration while recording entries in CR as also for issuing letters of appreciation.
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