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Q-53. What are the incentives offered to the industrial unit going in for "ISO 14001" ?

A. The units which have got "ISO 14001" are provided incentives in terms of longer period of Consent/Authorization, reduction in the number of routine inspection and expeditious clearance of their renewal applications.

Q-54. Has GPCB made any special provision for the clearance of "Vibrant Gujarat" cases ?

A. No relaxation in terms of regulation can be provided for such cases. However, GPCB has set up fast track to expeditiously clear such cases.

Q-55. Is it permissible to send reusable hazardous waste for reuse in other States?

A. Yes, subject to the provisions contained in Rule 7(vi) of the Hazardous Waste (Management Handling and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2008, (Management & Handling) Rules, 1989 as amended upto 2003.

Q-56. Has GPCB fixed any time limit for clearance of cases?

A. Yes. Normally all clearances are given within 4 months time. However, for fast track cases, the time taken is much less.

Q-57. Does GPCB entertain genuine grievances against the personnel functioning in GPCB?

A. Yes.

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