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Status of coastal monitoring under the plan schemeQuality of Coastal Outfalls and Coastal Waters
[Yearly average 2009-10]
Sr.Name of outfallsParameters *
pHD.O.B.O.D.NH3 – N
1.Sea water at Dhuvaran, Kheda7.846.611.051.03
2.Sea water at ECP, ‘J’ point near Sarod - Jambusar7.816.701.111.46
3.Estuarine water at Dhuvaran7.806.830.940.61
4.Estuarine water at ECP, ‘J’ point near Sarod, Ta. Jambusar7.656.051.111.07
5.E.C.P. ‘J’ point near Sarod – before discharge, Ta. Jambusar7.46NIL446.6759.58
6.Sarigam diffuser at Tadgam7.846.3513.382.64
7.Estuarine water of river Damanganga at Daman Jetty7.816.8213.93.32
8.Estuarine water of river Damanganga at Kanchigam7.566.6812.633.60
9.Estuarine water of river Kolak at Kolak Jetty7.796.8312.352.83
10.Estuarine water of river Par at Umarsadi Jetty7.696.8510.772.60
11.Sea water at Porbandar outfall8.235.70N.D.0.40
12.Porbandar city sewage outfall7.706.2054.0016.45
* Except pH all the parameters are expressed as mg/L.
N.A = Not applicable, N.D. = Not detectable.
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