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Status of coastal monitoring under the plan schemeQuality of Coastal Outfalls and Coastal Waters
[Yearly average 2009-10]
Sr.Name of outfallsParameters *
pHD.O.B.O.D.NH3 – N
26Coastal water sample of LNG Terminal Jetty,Dahej 7.845.681.082.80
27Coastal water sample of Birla Copper Jetty,Dahej 7.895.391.022.24
28Coastal water sample of IPCL Jetty, Jageshwar 7.975.661.050.56
29Estuary of river Narmada at Bhabdhut 8.055.841.005.04
30Coastal water sample of Stambheshwer Mahadev, Kamboi 7.755.660.993.83
31Surface Sea Water Sample Of Muldwarka, Kodinar
32Surface Sea Water Sample Nr.Somnath Temple, Junaghadh8.015.212.860.99
33Surface Sea Water Sample at Holyday Camp, Choravad8.055.422.881.24
34Surface Sea Water Sample Nr. Indian Rayon &Ind.Ltd.Veraval8.115.562.931.23
35Surface Sea Water Sample Nr. Intekpoint of GHCL,Sutarapada8.055.042.971.04
36Domestic W/W of .Veraval Municipality Nr.Vasantvihar Engg., Veraval7.32ND94.0039.34
37W/W Sample of Fish Processing Unit,GIDC, Veraval6.93ND117.00310.00
* Except pH all the parameters are expressed as mg/L.
N.A = Not applicable, N.D. = Not detectable.
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