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Status of Water Quality of Lakes Talav of GujaratStatus of Water Quality of Well Waters in Gujarat
[Once in a year 2009-10]
Location of wellsParameters *
pHTDSDOCODNitrite NO2-NNitrate NO3-NFluo-ridesNH3-N mg/lTC MPN/ 100 mlFC MPN/ 100 ml
B/W Sangma, Gam-panchayat,Ta. Padra, Dist. Vadodara8.0511702.4880.660.0060.750.122< 2
B.W. water Shri K.J. Patel, Bajwa, Dist. Vadodara7.9818362.1480.880.0260.810.624< 2
B.W. Shri GM.Patel, Bajwa,Dist Vadodara.7.4416702.91120.960.0110.760.396< 2
B/W near Mumtaz theater, Mehmadabad, Dist. Kheda8.0411122.8080.660.0160.85P.nil7<2
Borewell Balasinor – Sevalia Road, Dist. Kheda8.019682.840.550.0600.84P.nil4<2
Bore Well Sevalia, Dist. Kheda7.526723.90160.840.0260.660.5672
Bore Well Pali Village, Dist. Kheda7.4512483.88120.560.0110.60.566<2
Bore Well Thasara Water Works, Dist. Kheda7.966484.3940.940.0270.670.564<2
Bore Well Dakor Municipal Borough, Dakor, Dist. Kheda7.9210123.8980.640.0160.34P.nil6<2
B/Well Umereth Water Works, Umreth, Dist. Kheda7.859523.4240.690.0180.24P.nil7<2
* Except pH, T.C., F. C. & E.Coli. all the parameters are expressed as mg/L.
* E. Coli = Escherichia Coli.
BDL = Below detection limit
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