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Status of Water Quality of Lakes Talav of GujaratStatus of Water Quality of Well Waters in Gujarat
[Once in a year 2009-10]
Location of wellsParameters *
pHTDSDOCODNitrite NO2-NNitrate NO3-NFluo-ridesNH3-N mg/lTC MPN/ 100 mlFC MPN/ 100 ml
B/W Khadiwala, Piraman village8.2817884.617.970.5400.0200.45BDL----
B/W Gram panchayat Piraman8.466043.827.970.0500.0200.30BDL----
W/W Sanayavad, Swami- narayan mandir, Jambusar 7.7425183.427.970.5900.0700.70BDL----
Hotel Nyay Mandir, Bharuch8.2219564.667.970.1500.0100.35BDL----
Jhanor, Dist: Bharuch7.919166.547.940.340BDL0.35BDL----
Palej, Nr.Nirala Park Society7.7325803.537.970.640BDL0.25BDL----
Haldavara, Dist: Bharuch8.1920846.687.970.0500.0100.60BDL----
Nr Moti Vasahat, Palej8.1719105.937.970.6400.0200.30BDL----
Borewell VarunWater Works, Junagadh 7.388261.634.000.0110.2241.201.12--
Bore Well Anjar Nager Palika Ward No 3&46.631725-6.000.3400.0780.540.56--
Bore Well, Opp B.Edcollege Mundra7.981392-6.000.1180.1450.450.34--
Bore Well Gandhi Gham City, IFFCO Colony7.771951-6.300.1400.0600.440.65--
* Except pH, T.C., F. C. & E.Coli. all the parameters are expressed as mg/L.
* E. Coli = Escherichia Coli.
BDL = Below detection limit
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  • State Environment Impact Assesment Authority
  • Minister of Envirnment and Forests
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