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Status of water quality of wells under EMP programmeStatus of water quality of wells under EMP programme
Status of water quality of wells (under EMP programme 8 sources monitored, once in a month)
Location of wellsParameters *
pHTDSDOCODNitrite NO2-NNitrate NO3-NFluoridesNH3-N mg/lTC MPN/ 100 mlFC MPN/ 100 ml
Alunj villa- Ankleshwar7.7817774.258.280.88--0.37------
Panoli GIDC 7.7718094.778.960.64---0.36------
@ Industrial Carbon, Ankleshwar, Rajpipla rd7.6635044.578.941.22---0.35------
Kararvell village7.7911405.037.930.48---0.39------
Lakhigam – Dahej8.1810245.599.070.32---0.36------
Dahej village7.9222144.798.322.21---0.39------
Umarwada village7.9111825.049.230.65---0.48------
Sarangpur village7.4136183.8731.31.20---0.37------
Sadbhavana Nursari, Dahej.8.0815185.067.981.06---0.31------
Ramanlal Panchal, Dahej.7.9831093.797.980.84---0.38------
Jhagadia Grampanchyat8.093975.867.940.82---0.30------
* Except pH,T.C., F. C.& E.Coli. all the parameters are expressed as mg/L.
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  • Minister of Envirnment and Forests
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